Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Detainment of Ahmed El Droubi

One of the protestors arrested on Monday is Ahmed Yasser El Droubi (Video of the arrests).We can definitely say that the only thing that drove Ahmed to participate in the sit-in protest was his love for this country and his personal quest and contribution to the effort to bring true freedom, democracy and rule-of-law to Egypt.

Friends close to Ahmed , who have kept abreast of the issue have informed us that Ahmed was transferred to Torah Prison; a place recognized by many as one where political prisoners are regularly detained and tortured. They also informed us that security forces have renewed his detainment for a period of 15 days (one I'm told is the regular/standard detainment time in such situations). Ahmed is diabetic and thus far has not been allowed access to medical personnel, since he is not in possession of his medicines and other things that he requires because of his illness.

Note: The above is taken from (and slightly paraphrased) from The way I see it, with the author's permission, until more detailed information can be provided.

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