Sunday, April 30, 2006

Detainment of Ahmed - Update V

General Update

According to the most recent information we have (arabic), forty-nine (49) people present at the protests between Monday the 24th of April and Thursday the 27th of April have been arrested and detained by the Egyptian Authorities. Most of those have been interrogated by State Security (Amn El Dawla) officials and charges have been brought against them.

Some of the detainess have not not been interrogated and thus the a list of the charges, that might have been brought up against them, is not available.

Also, a commitee has been formed to provide for the needs of the detainees. This includes food, water, personal effects and any medicines that they might require. More on this here (arabic).

Ahmed's Update

It has come to Free Droubi's attention that Ahmed has been provided with enough medicine, for his diabetes condition, to last him a month. The medicine is being kept in appropriate storage conditions. Furthermore, some food has been taken to Ahmed and the other detainees.

Through notes that (to the best of Free Droubi's and Free Droubi's sources' knowledge) were exchanged with Ahmed, he has ascertained that he is well and has not, at the present time, come under any duress (physical or otherwise) from State Security Investigators. As they are currently incarcerated, there have been no further interrogations of the detainees.

The detainees have yet to be allowed access to legal counsel although efforts are underway to rectify this situation.

Principle Sources: The Kifaya Movement and members of the Kifaya Youth.