Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Statement concerning the Arrest

We, the friends of Ahmed Yasser el Droubi, insist on his immediate release, seeing that Ahmed did not commit any crime and was simply expressing his solidarity with the Judiciary; one of the higher authorities, by virtue of the constitution and international custom. Ahmed was arrested by police-sponsored-thugs, when he and his colleagues tried to prevent those thugs from stealing their belongings.

The thugs violently attacked Ahmed and his colleagues (which led to his eyeglasses breaking), tore down the Egyptian flag they had with them, and kidnapped Ahmed and his colleagues. The detained stayed for 5 days in al Khalifa transient prison. Al Khalifa is known to be a nightmarish place, not prepared to host prisoners for more than a few hours.

Right now, Ahmed and his colleagues are officially at Torah Prison, but so far no one has been able to see him there. The arrest of Ahmed; the humanist, the non-violent, definitely weakens the message of reform and non-violence propagated by the government. In fact, a completely different and opposite message is understood.

This statement was recieved by Free Droubi from friends of Ahmed Yasser El Droubi.