Monday, May 08, 2006

Detainees incarcerated for another Fifteen Days.

Today, Ahmed Yasser El Droubi and the eleven detainees of Monday the 26th of April have had their incarceration period in prison extended for another fifteen (15) days.

Free Droubi has also learnt that the prison administration has begun to actively hassle and mistreat the detainees. Sources tell Free Droubi that this began about 3-4 days ago. The Detainees had their heads shaved, against their will, in addition to being placed in cells with convicted criminals (crimes related to drugs and murder) who possess weapons and have threatened the Detainees. More on this in the Detainees' Statement.

Alarmingly, the prison administration has also consistently delayed the process of delivering much-needed insulin, and food, to Ahmed El Droubi. As is medically known, such steps constitute a clear and obvious threat to Ahmed's life, considering his medical condition.

Free Droubi will attempt to publish more information on the issue as the information comes in.

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As always, Free Droubi would like to thank all Friends that have contributed through art work, first-hand accounts, statements, information or otherwise. Free Droubi welcomes any endeavour in the campaign to release Ahmed Yasser El Droubi and all other detainees of the Egyptian State Security.