Monday, May 08, 2006

Detainees and how to help.

With the arrest of ten (10) other Egyptian Citizens on May 7th, including prominent Egyptian blogger and activist Alaa, of, Egyptian bloggers and patriots have moved in an attempt to free the illegaly detained activists. The following are the relevant links that you can follow in order to take positive steps towards pressuring the Egyptian government into releasing all the Detainees.

Original Issue.

More background information (arabic).

Free Droubi on the issue (including Statement from the Detainees).

Manal and Alaa's Blog with steps to take.

Egyptian Sandmonkey's Post with templates for letters and additional information.

Al-Masry Al-Yoam on the issue (arabic).

Free Droubi asks all those who live outside, and inside, of Egypt follow the above links and take all possible steps and exert all possible effort for the release of the Detainees.

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As always, Free Droubi would like to thank all Friends that have contributed through art work, first-hand accounts, statements, information or otherwise. Free Droubi welcomes any endeavour in the campaign to release Ahmed Yasser El Droubi and all other detainees of the Egyptian State Security.