Thursday, May 18, 2006

Latest Update on Ahmed El Droubi

Free Droubi has found out that friends of Ahmed El Droubi have recieved a letter from him.

In the letter he assures them that he is doing well.

Ahmed also informs them that he does not regret the actions that led to his arrest and that he wishes he were free and able to participate in the current demonstrations and the fight for "what we believe in".

A portion of this letter, with more details, can be found at Salma's Blog. Free Droubi is not sure if the entry in Salma's Blog is a translation of the letter or if the letter was written in English.

Also, Manal at Manal and Alaa's bit bucket has compiled and gathered a list of letters from the detainees at Torah. (Most of the letters are in Arabic)

As always, Free Droubi would like to thank all Friends that have contributed through art work, first-hand accounts, statements, information or otherwise. Free Droubi welcomes any endeavour in the campaign to release Ahmed Yasser El Droubi and all other detainees of the Egyptian State Security.