Thursday, May 11, 2006

Update on Hunger Strike and Ahmed

Free Droubi has just learnt, through a message sent by Ahmed El Droubi to his friends, that he is well. The prison administration are treating him and the remaining detainees much better than the had been since the Statment they released Sunday, May 7th (Statement in Arabic) and Ahmed now recieves his food and medication promptly and on time.

Free Droubi has also learnt that the Detainees have stopped the hunger strike they began one day before the release of their statement. It was not confirmed, beyond doubt, to Free Droubi whether the hunger strike was the reason behind the apparent shift in the prison administration's hardline position and treatment of the Detainees.

But, apparently, the hunger strike was ended because conditions had improved and because many of the Detainees were taxed physically and psychologoically by the strike. Free Droubi wishes to commend these brave patriots on an act that Free Droubi believes required tremendous courage and discipline.

Update: This just in. Free Droubi discovered that Salma has actually met with Ahmed. Here is her post.

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As always, Free Droubi would like to thank all Friends that have contributed through art work, first-hand accounts, statements, information or otherwise. Free Droubi welcomes any endeavour in the campaign to release Ahmed Yasser El Droubi and all other detainees of the Egyptian State Security.