Sunday, May 07, 2006

Update on Detainee Hunger Strike

It has come to Free Droubi's attention that The kidnapees at Tora have released a statement announcing that they will continue their hunger strike until the following demands, which they say are the least that can be given them in the way of basic human rights, are met. The following is an unofficial translation of their statement:

We, the kidnapped from in front of the Judges' Club and the Court of Cassation and Appeals and currently held in Mahkoom Tora prison, reiterate our complete support for the judges, Egypt's concience, in all of their demands. We condemn the Mubarak regime's continual oppression towards them, the extension of the state of emergency and the escallation of its repressive measures against reform movements.

Despite our willingness to pay this small price for the freedom of our people, we emphasize our upholding of our most basic rights, even as prisoners of war and hereby declare a hunger strike until the following demands are met:

1. An immediate investigation and inquiry is carried out concerning the State Security officers and plain-clothed thugs that brutally broke up the sit-in in addition to desecrating the Egyptian Flag... under direct orders from State Security Officer Waleed El-Desouki.

2. Questioning and interrogating State Security Officers that have attempted to murder sixteen (16) of the "kidnapped" [Detainees] by stuffing them, while restrained, in a sealed vehicle while turning off the vehicle's ventilation, after they had been questioned by State Security Prosecutors in Heliopolis. The kidnapees were kept in this state for six (6) full hours; from 9 p.m. Thursday 27th April until 3 a.m. Friday 28th April. The vehicle was left on a highway in the district of Tora. These Officers had full knowledge of the dangers, of their actions, to the kidnapees' lives.

3. Halting the life-threatening state that twenty-three (23) of the kidnapees are forced to endure in Tora Prison through their internment with inmates who have been convicted of criminal offences. We further demand an investigation into the Prison's Administration's ignoring of our officialcomplaint, dated 4/5/2006, on the widespread use and trade of drugs and "white" weapons (knives, blades and other weapons).

4. Questioning and investigating the State Security Officers that kidnapped the kidnapees from the streets of Cairo, particularly Walid El-Desouki, under the charge of stealing the kidnapees' personal possessions. These possessions include money, cellular phones and video-cameras. Also, the investigation and questioning of prison administrators under the charge of ignoring all complaints on the matter. This demonstrates that administration's total submission to State Security borders... which violate the articles of the Emergency Law, in addition to official prison codes, rules and regulations.

5. Allowing the kidnapees to pray in the mosque and allowing them access to newspapers and magazines as stipulated by prison codes, rules and regulations.

6. Investigating the threats made by State Security personnel, against the kidnapees, of violent torture... "as they do with the Islamic Groups".

7. Investigating the prison administration for bias towards rich and powerful prisoners. These prisoners are allowed to keep their cells open throughout the day and most of the night, without guard, while the poorer prisoners are constantly humiliated.


The Kidnapees from the Judges' Club and the Court of Cassation and Appeals

The Original transcript obtained from Kifaya's website (arabic).

Also, some of The Detainees, Ahmed El Droubi included, were supposed to be brought up before the Bab el Khalk Court of Southern Cairo. But, amidst demonstrations and the arrest of 10 protestors (arabic), the Detainees were not brought to the court by the police. The police also asked the prosecutor to renew The Detainees arrest (in their absence), but were refused the request. The hearing has been delayed till tomorrow, Monday 8th May 2006.

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