Saturday, May 20, 2006

Detainees Incarcerated for 15 More Days.

Free Droubi
has learnt that the detention of those illegaly arrested on the 24th of April 2006, including Ahmed El Droubi, has been extended today for fifteen (15) by a State Security Prosecutor.

Also, information at Salma's Blog (arabic) indicates that another group of Detainees were also scheduled to come up before the State Security Prosecutor today. If so, then their detention has been extended for fifteen (15) days as well.

Free Droubi has learnt that eight (8) detainees were released today; a Mr. Mohamed Sharkawy a Mr. Ahmed Salah, because of his medical condition (he is asthmatic), and six (6) because of their status as students and the proximity of University examinations. Free Droubi wishes to note that Ahmed El Droubi is diabetic, a fact well-known to the authorities, and yet the Prosecutor ruled to continue his detention for another fifteen (15) days.

More information will be published as it is made available.


As always, Free Droubi would like to thank all Friends that have contributed through art work, first-hand accounts, statements, information or otherwise. Free Droubi welcomes any endeavour in the campaign to release Ahmed Yasser El Droubi and all other detainees of the Egyptian State Security.